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5 Ways to Add a Feng Shui Touch to Your Patio or Deck

Elegant furniture and design in modern patio
Feng shui principles can help you design the most relaxing and refreshing spaces - both indoors and outdoors. But how can you express feng shui ideas in your outdoor entertainment space? Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Reduce Clutter

Clear the area to accelerate harmony and reduce stress. If the patio already exists, clear it completely and determine the specific thing that each piece adds to the area. Trim trees back and prune bushes and plants. Get rid of all debris and piles of unwanted items. 

When replacing items in your patio, only use the ones that provide a sense of love, personal attachment, and relaxation. Use this as an opportunity to rid yourself of negative memories and negative feelings. Start fresh with a purpose. 

2. Open the Area

Openness allows the energy to flow around your home and throughout the lounge space. Begin by clearing out the area immediately next to the house and particularly around the entrances and exits. This opens the flow of energy. 

Traffic paths should have an open and unobstructed passage that allows both physical bodies and energy to move easily through the spaces. Find an easygoing and comfortable path by practicing it before installation by using tape or twine markers. 

3. Engage the Senses

Open your entertainment areas to all five senses. Most patio decks appeal to the sense of touch by providing comfortable places to sit and an engaging breeze or warm sunlight. But include other senses, such as the sense of smell, by planting flowers that provide wonderful aromas.

You can find interesting ways to boost the overall sensory effect with such things as a bubbling fountain that provides a soft, sweet background noise or interesting plants with unique textures to touch. Hang wind chimes for a soft musical quality. Then, edible plants or dwarf fruit trees can complete the sensory experience with a sweet or tart taste. 

4. Incorporate Water

Water is, of course, a key element of feng shui practice. Including water elements is easy and fun in any outdoor space, and it encourages you to express yourself. If your patio is small, then consider something as simple as a small electrical fountain. If you have more room to play, then you could add a koi pond on the outside edge of one side or a faux brook that runs on a simple pump and the power of gravity.

Larger outdoor entertainment spaces can benefit from a fun and unique water feature that forms a centerpiece. Fake rock grottos with gorgeous waterfalls are often paired with luxury swimming pools, but they can be incorporated into an outdoor deck or patio in any size and shape.

5. Add Rocks and Greenery

Along with water elements, rocks and plants are major pieces of the feng shui puzzle. Container plants are easy to move around and can be adjusted according to the season. Rocks are less mobile but easier and inexpensive landscape elements. Bagua color theory can help guide you to the right combination of plant and flower colors. It is all about balance and flow. 

Rocks are best placed with a sense of randomness - often in groups of three. Look for boulders and rocks that appear natural and casual. Boulders should be placed with about one-third of their bulk in the ground and can be complemented with smaller rocks, depending on your design style.

For help creating the perfect Feng shui outdoor lounge space, work with professionals in outdoor design. The hardscape experts at Superior Outdoor Designs can help you find the right way to balance all the elements of your space to transform your simple patio into a true retreat.