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How an Arbor Can Spice Up Your Landscape

Patio And Arbors In Garden

Are you looking for a unique feature to add to your business or home landscape? Don't overlook the beauty and functionality of a simple arbor. Arbors, which can be large or small, consist of support sides and an overarching feature linking them. And you can use them for a variety of reasons and as solutions for a variety of outdoor problems. 

Here are a few great ways to boost your yard's look and purpose with an arbor.

Provide Shade

Does your yard lack natural shade? Many homeowners look to larger solutions like installing covered outdoor rooms or planting trees that could take years to grow. An arbor, though, is an almost immediate boost in shade for a particularly troublesome spot.

Use a large arbor to add shade for people to relax in the yard. A smaller arbor that incorporates vines and shrubs also allows backyard pollinators like butterflies and bees to enjoy a break from the sun. 

Add Structure to Entrances

Many people think about arbors as entrance gates for pathways, yards, and outdoor living areas. Their natural door-like appearance lends itself to this use quite nicely.

As a taller element, they bring attention to the entrance in a way that a gate or walkway can't do. If you need to define your yard or give a particular spot (such as a cottage garden) a stronger presence in the overall landscape, an arbor is an easy way to do it. 

Enhance Privacy

Vertical landscape elements help build privacy on a home or business property in an attractive way. Combine a vine-covered arbor with fencing or a row of hedges and shrubs to add privacy all around. An arbor placed alongside an outdoor room can provide an attractive backdrop of greenery or flowers while hiding the space from nosy neighbors.

Use a series of arbors placed strategically to add privacy along a single side of your yard without installing a bulky barrier. And arbors around business windows replace unattractive elements with beautiful views. 

Create Drama

Want a new focal point in your landscape design? An arbor is generally seen as a romantic and beautiful addition, no matter what style you choose. Combine it with your own style of greenery and hardscape elements for a truly unique addition. 

A single, flowery, vine-covered arbor creates a soft and quaint yard feature to match a charming or rustic yard design. A strong, rectangle or oval arbor or small pergola can reinforce backyard geometry for modern or formal designs. Or go the extra mile and install a series of arbors along a path for a stunning centerpiece that guides visitors along your preferred route. 

Make a Destination

The structure of an arbor serves as a natural way to create a small destination or zone in your landscaping.

Looking for a way to create a small outdoor room in the yard itself? Lead visitors on a pathway to a nook created by a greenery-filled arbor and a bench or table and chairs. Create a small zone in a tiny yard. Or use an arbor to mark out things like your herb garden, the way to a pool, the entrance to the kids' play area, or an employee outdoor lounge space. 

Arbors add to their landscapes in many ways. Whether you're looking for a focal point, privacy, or attractive shade, they can be a simple solution that's low-maintenance and easy to install. For more ideas to include one or more arbors in your property, talk to the landscape experts at Superior Outdoor Designs. We can help you at all stages of landscape design. Call today to learn more.