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4 Essential Outdoor Space Features for Entertaining

While you may have made improvements to the inside of your home over time, your backyard may lack features that encourage you or your family to spend time outside. It does not have to be this way, but you will need to add desirable features to the backyard to make a change.
Whether you already have parties in your home or you want to start entertaining family and friends, you may want the life of these events to happen in the backyard. Your property may meet a huge necessity and that is having enough room to make numerous additions. You will want to focus on the most essential features that can help you with backyard entertaining.
Decorative Paving
While you could fill the outdoor living space with concrete, this might not create a unique and desirable-looking space. You can get creative with decorative concrete, but you might prefer to choose another option such as brick or flagstone that will look always great in a backyard.
Flagstone has perks because you can pick the most affordable stone that is available in San Antonio to minimize paving costs and then invest the money in other outdoor projects.
Patio Cover
San Antonio gets about 33 inches of rain per year, which means you will likely have rain during an event. An effective way to avoid this problem is by only scheduling events no sooner than a week in advance, but you may not want to send out invitations on such a short notice.
A large patio cover will provide you with space to protect the food and your guests. You may have to bring the event inside if it the rain turns into a storm, but a cover will bring a lot of flexibility to the space. A cover is also helpful because it allows your guests to relax in the shade. Providing lots of options will increase the chance that your guests will have an incredible time.
While you could cook everything inside the house and then bring it all outside, you would be spending time in the kitchen while your guests would be in the backyard. To avoid this issue, you will want to build an outdoor kitchen that allows you to cook everything outside. A grill is a great addition, but even more important is having a cooktop space for using many cooking methods.
A cooktop allows you to boil, sauté, steam or even slow-cook food with the right pots and pans. To fit well with your backyard, you should work with professionals to create a custom design. Because many variables can affect the feasibility of a design, such as installation costs and legal restrictions, you will benefit from professional help for this whole process.
An expert can tell you where in the yard you can add various features and what certain projects will cost based on the plumbing, electrical, or landscaping work that must be handled.
Fire Pit
A small fire pit is easy to fit into most backyards, but this setup will not work that well when you are interested in entertaining large groups of family and friends. A common fire pit size for entertaining can span up to six-feet wide, which means you will need to make enough room. This starts with the paving to ensure the fire pit and all nearby seating can fit on the brick or flagstone.
As soon as you become interested in building an outdoor living space for entertaining, you should get help from professionals. Contact us at Superior Outdoor Designs if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to inspect your backyard and begin discussing ideas.